Marquise Hoola Hoops

Tall, slender coed Marquise is having a little fun and exercise with her hoola hoop, but after awhile she gets bored and is looking for new fun.  We gently suggest she takes her left over energy and turn that into some intense masturbation, which she agrees to do in this Karups PC set.   Marquise slips her clothes off her tender body, and inserts multiple fingers up inside her moist twat.

Marquise With Hoola Hoop

How fucking cute is Marquise?   I’d love to join her inside the hoola hoop and see if we can fuck and keep the hoop spinning the whole time.

Marquise Side Boob

Marquise has her top off and is exposing her beautiful small tits from the side boob angle.   I personally am fixated on that ass though.

Marquise Butt Naked

Marquise is still being a little tease in this photo as she covers her shaved pussy with her right hand, but she is only moments away from hitting the floor, spreading her legs open and slipping fingers deep inside her wet, warm snatch.

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